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Open up about your food "guilty pleasure." But don't feel guilty! It's ok. No one's perfect!

Definitely chocolate is my favorite junk food!  Though I have heard there are some health benefits to eating chocolate, I prefer milk chocolate and I think the dark stuff is the more "healthy" variety.  My favorite chocolate-moment would probably be about 11 years ago when I was studying abroad in Australia.  I was introduced to a chocolate cookie called a "Tim Tam."  My life was forever changed after that!  This delicious cookie (which comes in many flavor varieties) is best consumed by biting off the top and bottom, then sucking up a warm beverage (my favorite is hot chocolate) through the "straw" you've made with the cookie.  It gets mushy, but it tastes like what I imagine heaven would taste like if it were a flavor.  

I have a friend in Australia who exchanges care packages with me every once in a while, so I was able to get Tim Tams on a semi-regular basis.  Also, Pepperidge Farms started selling a version of them (I think they are spot on) around the holidays.  But last year, I went back to Australia (a decade after studying there) and made it my mission to fill my entire carry on bag with Tim Tams to bring back home.  All different flavors.  It was awesome!  And, gross or not, I still have 2 packages left that I am rationing!


These are sooooo good mate!