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Stop eating sugar for 5 days!

I gave up chocolate for Lent, which means for the first week of Vermontivate I was not eating one of my staple, beloved foods!  (Which, as it turns out, has sugar in it!)  I think that not eating chocolate is similar to giving up sugar, in the sense that chocolate really isn't that healthy for you (though there may be some health benefits if eating dark chocolate)!

I think there are a lot of healthy foods that naturally have sugar in them (fruits/fruit-based foods), and I, personally, would rather cut out foods that provide little or no health value instead of trying to cut out all sugars.

However, I know of a couple that did the no-sugar challenge for several months!  So, to motivate those interested in doing this who think "no WAY I could do that for 5 days," there are people out there who have done it for 10x+ that amount of time!  It's definitely do-able, AND it may be fun to try new foods that you may not have otherwise tried.  When I cut chocolate out of my diet, I found other yummy treats that were a bit healthier (yogurt-covered raisins and dried pineapple were my favorites) that I may not otherise have discovered I enjoyed!