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Make naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

This one was tough for me!  I'm not big into dying eggs, and I didn't have many of the supplies needed to get eggs into the dye and out of the dye without making a mess!  But, I forged on...  I used turmeric, red cabbage, and a bag of raspberry tea (not the one referenced in the instructions).  The yellow (turmeric) dye was the only one that came out well enough to actually dye the eggs.  The cabbage dye was very faint and just barely gave a blue hint.  I tried using a brown egg, but that didn't get much color on it at all.  And the red tea bag dye didn't work out, the egg came out almost completely white as when it went in!

With the turmeric, I should have stirred it more frequently because it was a little lumpy and the end-result was not a smooth color.  With the cabbage, I should have probably added more cabbage so that the water got more concentrated with color.  

Regardless, it was fun to try and now, I have some hard boiled eggs to enjoy!