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I wasn't too surprised by my score.  I just bought my house in November so have only lived in it when it's been cold (brutally cold, some days!).  I have a very old furnace, single-pained windows and a fairly old front door that, despite putting weather stripping in, is still a bit drafty.

I have replaced one of my doors with an energy-efficient one (back door).  I also want to add insulation in my attic this sprint or summer, when I have time to work with my dad to open up the crawl space so it's easier to access the attic space.  

I have long-term goals to replace many of the windows (and probably the front door as well).  When my dad helped me to replace the back door, it was a larger-than-expected project because the house is older and what's "standard" today isn't the same as what was "standard" then.  So there was a lot of retro-fitting and re-working.

I'm not sure when I will take care of these things because I have some other large projects coming up (replacing my roof, namely!).  I have considered getting an energy audit to see what it would cost to make some of these "upgrades."  Then I could determine if it would be realistic for me to take out a loan.  I also am not sure how long I plan to stay in my home!  So, I need to weigh the costs and benefits of spending my money on a place I may only be at 3-5 years.