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Help us spiff up Button-Up Day.

The firs thing I noticed when I went to the Button Up website was that the date for the Button Up day wasn't prominently displayed.  I think that the first step to making a big deal about the event is to make sure everyone knows the date- can put in their calendars, and plan for it!  So just a suggesiton for the folks who work on the website to make the date more in-your-face!

To increase participation, a few ideas I have are:
-Reach out to schools to try to organize school groups to participate.  Maybe make it a bit competative, like Vermontivate, with some sort of prize for the teams that take on the most buttoning up!
-Reach out to large organizations to announce what Button Up Day is, and how to participate.  Many large companies have newsletters where they like to include community events.  Or, similar to reaching out to schools to come up with teams of people, maybe also try to do this with businesses.
-Partner with area businesses (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc...) to see if they'd be willing to offer a special discount on products that can help people "button up" their homes if they mention to the cashier that they are participating in Button Up Day!

If there were to be something similar to Vermontivate, that lasted a couple of weeks, I would foresee challenges including things such as:
-putting weather stripping between windows and doors to seal off cracks
-considering getting a home energy audit
-making sure heater filters have been changed
-insulating outlets that are against exterior walls


Fantastic ideas, Allison! Thanks so much!
Thanks Jersey Jill!