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Think big! Tell the story of how you could get your life to 90% clean energy consumption.

I liked listening to the story of the family from Rutland in the first video.  I was surprised that they took out a $15,000 loan to make the energy improvements.  That is a key obstacle getting in my way of having 90% renewables in my life-- money!  I know there are a lot of tax credits, and that saving money in energy costs will ultimately start to pay back the up-front costs.  But sometimes those up-front costs are too high.  Or getting a loan is not realistic.  I just bought my house about 6 months ago so am still adjusting to a mortgage.  

I have a friend who has solar panels.  He took out a loan for them, but got a very large tax credit and is about to pay them off, just a year later.  I am very interested in solar panels, but am not sure if I'm in a location that would get enough sunlight.  (Another potential obstacle!)  But I might look into having somsone come out to do an assessment.

The one thing I want to do, and have wanted to do since I moved into my home, is to add more insulation to the attic and also seal up the crawl space hole around it better.  I have a picture of the crawl space hole below.  It is not insulated at all, so it makes my closet (and, in turn, my room) colder than it needs to be in the winter.  The results from my home inspection also indicated I could use more insulation in the attic.  My dad and I are hoping to work on that this summer.  We will first widen the crawl space (it's so narrow that I can barely fit up through it!), then add more insulation, and then insulate the crawl space door.  I think that alone will make the entire house a lot warmer come next winter!