Energy points

Energy Challenge #3

Challenge Complete


Go on a Home Energy Treasure Hunt and see how many nuggets of savings you can find and claim!

I finally had some time to look over this list, and was happy to see that I'd done several of the items on it already!  (Such as insulate my outlets and unplug stuff in the bathroom that's not being used).

I was surprised to read that LED lights should be used, since I still have a bunch of compact flourescent lights that I thought were the new standard.  Since I don't have any LED light bulbs, I replaced my incandescent lights with the compact flourescent ones for now.  Next week when I have a chance to go to the store I will get some LED lights.

I made sure I was using a power strip in my living room, and in my bedroom I went through my clothes and pulled out several items I don't wear anymore that I can donate to the Goodwill!

I have two low-flow facuets that I'm going to install when my dad is around, because he's got the right tools to help me get rid of the existing facuet heads!