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Quick! Save as much energy as you can in one day. Try a 24-hour Energy Save-A-Thon.

Just completing my 24-hour energy save-a-thon!  

Today, I left the car at home and took the bus to work.  I carpooled to get back home.

When I got home, I unplugged the light that I have on a timer so that it wouldn't be running while I wasn't in the room.  I waited until the last possible moment to turn on my kitchen light, using as much of the natural light as I could (I made it until about 7:45!).  

Instead of eating food that had to be re-heated in the microwave, or cooked on the stove/in the oven, I made a salad so that I didn't need to use electricity but still had a very tasty dinner (see picture below)!

Instead of watching TV, I did some chores around the house.  Once it was dark out, I turned off my kitchen light and lit some candles in the living room.  I had enough light to be able to write some letters to friends!

I am only on my computer so that I can complete some Vermontivate challenges!  Then, I'll be off to bed where I hope the only energy I use will be to dream up something fun!


Great job! Inspiring! Thanks for sharing