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Shorter Shower Challenge

Length of normal shower:  8 minutes
Order of operations:  Shampoo, Conditioner/shave with conditioner in, Wash body
Shorter shower: 5 minutes
Shortest shower:  3 minutes

For me, the quickest showers are the ones when I don't shave or wash my hair.  I don't wash my hair every day, and usually shave every other day.  So, cutting those two pieces out of the shower cuts down on the time quite a bit!  Sometimes I will shave separately from the shower, and I feel that this saves a lot of water.  It's hard to get into the habit of shaving separately, but it's certainly not impossible!  But realistically, not every shower can be without a hair wash!  

To make hair-washing faster I can open the shampoo and conditioner bottles before turning the water on so that they're ready to go.  I can use a little less of each so that I have less soap to wash out of my hair.  And, I can wash my body while I'm rinsing my hair.

But, I think the best piece of advice is to be consciencious of being fast in the shower.  I am notorious for soaking in the hot water (in the winter, especially).  If I put some pep in my step I am able to speed through my shower routine in nearly 1/2 the time it takes me when I'm not thinking about it.