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Warmup Challenge #5

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Use your everyday superhero power to generate a little hope for someone on your team.

Since our team is only 3 people, we decided to all participate in this challenge together.  One teammate was on vacation and just got back.  She brought her tropical weather with her, and we enjoyed a lunch break out at Oakledge Park picking up trash!

The three of us work at Dealer.com, so we walked over to the park, picking up trash along the way.  We were surprised at how many cigarette butts there were littered about.  Why do people think it's ok to throw them on the ground instead of in a trash receptical?!

It was SUCH a nice day out, and even though we were easily able to fill a 13 gallon bag with trash, we had to hunt for most of it.  The park was relatively clean, which was nice to see.

It was fun to get outside on such a warm spring day, and also help clean up a park that we use often!


This was such a great team event!!!
We can't see the video! Can you change the settings? Thanks so much!
Sorry about that, give it a try now! (https://youtu.be/AUolCCdlxMA)