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Food Challenge #6

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Have a local meal with friends. Play by the rules!

Local, organic, fair trade, humanitarian food yay! I have enjoyed picking up  new recipes from Metta Earth, a contemplative eco community in Lincoln where I used to live. One of the most useful meal ideas I learned there that I love to share is "tempeh rubens" I have gotten my daughter who lives in Brooklyn into this yummy sandwich too. One of the main ingredients is kimchi, so spreading the love and know how of making fermented foods is part of the joy. Two cookbooks I have also shared with friends and family that are helpful in the sustainable food movement and also have recipes for kimchi are Wild Fermentation and Nourishing Traditions. My daughter and I both made a tempeh rubin dinner, which consists of local organic unpasteurized rice and bean tempeh toasted on Botha sides in a frying pan with sesame oil, on a piece of whole grain local organic toast, with home made kimchi, and the special sauce which is ketchup mixed with mayonnaise. Each ingredient you choose has a most sustainable version you can choose.