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Open up about your food "guilty pleasure." But don't feel guilty! It's ok. No one's perfect!

Ok, so "junk" food might not be good for you, but it sure tastes good. At least that is what the 4th graders at Bishop Marshall think. What foods do we like to eat but then maybe regret later? Our list included some of the following: McDonald's chicken nuggets; Russel Stover truffles; dark chocolate Cadbury eggs; bacon; doughnuts; sodas; and ice cream. We decided to narrow down our list and then vote on our favorite "junk" food. The foods that received the top 2 highest scores were chocolate and ice cream. I know it is hard to decide.

Our favorite moment of Junk Food Love came from our teacher. When she was around 6, a neighbor brought a cake over to her house because her mother was sick. When the neighbor brought the cake over, she handed it to our teacher and said to her, "This cake is for you." What the neighbor meant was that the cake was for the whole family. Our teacher, however, had a different interpretation. She thought that the cake was only for her. To ensure that no one else ate any of the cake, she hid the cake under her bed. The next day, the neighbor stopped by to see how our teacher's mother was doing and to ask if the family enjoyed the cake. With a confused look on her face, our teacher's mother said, "What cake?" Needless to say, a search for the cake ensued. After scouring the house, both our teacher and the cake were found under the teacher's bed. Of course, at that point there were big chunks missing from the cake. Our teacher did surrender the rest of the cake, although not willingly. Our teacher still remembers today the taste of that chocolate chip cake and does not feel guilty about eating most of it :)