How do I join or start a team?

​Just start playing! The game is divided into 3 acts, and the 4th challenge in Act 1 will have you joining or starting a team.

What are the dates of the game?

Vermontivate! 2015 ran March 23 - May 2. 

Can I still play even though the game is done?

Absolutely! While we won't be giving out prizes or updating announcements quite as frequently, the site will stay active for people who want to start playing and making positive changes in their lives.

How can players communicate with each other?

Players can talk to each other using the wall on their team page or by sending private messages through the player profile page.

What's the All-Stars Team?

VTVT All-Stars is a group of players who've all earned at least 5000 points. It's not a competitive team per se, but it's how all the most active players can stay engaged with each other beyond the end of official game play.

How do I join the VTVT All-Stars?

Just start playing! Once you get to 5000 points, you'll automatically be added to the All-Stars team.

Will you be sending out email updates with news and events?

You bet!

Will there be another round in 2015?

Could be! We're still working on the details.

Still need some help? Ask away! We'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can!