Collective Impact Zone

This is the place to check-in on how Vermontivators are doing as a community. 


These are basic real-time stats like:

  • Number of players
  • Number of teams
  • Total number of challenges played

Measurable Achievements

Vermont has some big goals related to climate change and sustainability, like:

  • Achieving 90% renewable energy by 2050
  • Increasing the amount of locally grown food by 10%
  • Keeping all food and recyclables out of the solid waste stream

Here are some of the things players tackled in Act 3.

Collective Goals


Crack your home's solar energy puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: I choosed solar energy because we have a feild which gets alot of sun each day and will support our new house with clean energy andwhen the power...

Final Report: information for other pepole is solar is the cleanest power there is and if you buy solar you will save energy alot more than you think and...

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Crack your home's heating cost puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: We have a small home and it seems like it should cost much less to heat it than does.  There must be some options for lowering the cost of heating...

Final Report: I have been wanting to add solar and a heat pump to our house for a while now.  We heat with wood and an oil furnace.  We only use about 300-...

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Invent your own energy goal!

Why I chose this goal: My goal is not a hard one but not an easy one. Everyone can do it unless you don't have a home with electricity. But, my challenge is to go a whole...

Final Report: It went great I had a few mistakes on the way but it was awsome. I also made friends while doing this. I feel greener already.  I recomend this...

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Compost all your food waste for a week.

Why I chose this goal: This is going to be easy so I'm going to do two of the challenges 

Final Report: I've been composting all my life over all for the week seemed really easy

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Eat 10% local food for a week.

Why I chose this goal: Since I already compost all my food waste, I picked the 10% local food for a week challenge.  I think I do this already, but at this time of year, it...

Final Report: I found out it was easy to eat at least 10% local food since I have been doing that for several years now.  I was trying to see if I could do...

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Invent your own food goal!

Why I chose this goal: I've chosen this goal because I feel I just have to eat when I'm out if I get hungry and if I haven't brought something along I end up eating things...

Final Report: YES, YES, yesss

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Take a drive in an Electric Vehicle.

Why I chose this goal: We decided to do this as a team. I'm on the Calais Transportation Committee where we're looking at all the different possibilities of getting people...

Final Report: The state of VT has a few electric vehicles that is loans out to people to test drive. About 13 years ago my former partner and I borrowed one...

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Reduce your fossil-fueled transportation by 50% for a week.

Why I chose this goal: This will be a tricky one it's going to take a long amount of power in my body to do so. The thing is I'm so busy and it has to exclude a car. We can...

Final Report: It was hard but very very hard but I did it but it was awsome. I tried to do it in the beginning but it turned out to be really cool. Plus I'm...

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Invent your own transportation goal!

Why I chose this goal: My goal is to walk for a week so I'm not polluting the earth. Another reason I'm going to do this is because it will do me some good to get some...

Final Report: What I learned is transportation is very important. But I think people should walk more so we're not putting out fossil fuels. This will also...

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Help your team with its goal

Why I chose this goal: my teams goal is going to be we all ride our bikes to school every single one of us and we are all going to ride together so we are not late for...

Final Report: the rest of my team is doing fine they are all playing and doing challenges we all have fun and try to make a diffrence in the world to stop...

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