Collective Impact Zone

This is the place to check-in on how Vermontivators are doing as a community. 


These are basic real-time stats like:

  • Number of players
  • Number of teams
  • Total number of challenges played

Measurable Achievements

Vermont has some big goals related to climate change and sustainability, like:

  • Achieving 90% renewable energy by 2050
  • Increasing the amount of locally grown food by 10%
  • Keeping all food and recyclables out of the solid waste stream

Here are some of the things players tackled in Act 3.

Collective Goals


Crack your home's solar energy puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: My goal is to get solar panels also at our place by this year or next, before the incentive $ is withdrawn. we have been living 5 years in a yurt...

Final Report:  The acorn sustainable expo was really helpful for us as we made a lot of contacts people who could help us install our solar system ,  there's...

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Crack your home's heating cost puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: I already cracked my home's solar puzzle last summer by putting in solar panels! I love them so much! I know my house has major inefficiencies when...

Final Report: I heard some of my coworkers talking awhile back about free energy audits through vt gas. I have contacted them about scheduling an energy...

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Invent your own energy goal!

Why I chose this goal: I will do my best to help save energy in my home: by turning off lights when not is use, and watching less TV, and using the computer less. My goal...

Final Report: I used less electricity, and tried to spend as much time as possible outside. It was a great week! I love summer!

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Compost all your food waste for a week.

Why I chose this goal: I Picked this because I could use this for my garden by the side of my house, since it's spring and all.

Final Report: For this I basically threw my compost in my garden. (Basically "Here you go plants! Enjoy it while it lasts!") But yeah, I did that it was fun...

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Eat 10% local food for a week.

Why I chose this goal: Since I already compost all my food waste, I picked the 10% local food for a week challenge.  I think I do this already, but at this time of year, it...

Final Report: I found out it was easy to eat at least 10% local food since I have been doing that for several years now.  I was trying to see if I could do...

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Invent your own food goal!

Why I chose this goal: I've chosen this goal because I feel I just have to eat when I'm out if I get hungry and if I haven't brought something along I end up eating things...

Final Report: YES, YES, yesss

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Take a drive in an Electric Vehicle.

Why I chose this goal: I've been wanting to do this anyway, and never has.  I'm wondering if maybe Happiness Lady would join me, or anyone else on the Calais Team?  If one...

Final Report: I thinks mostly I was discouraged. I didn't gt to drive one, I got fairly anti-EV responses from dealerships, who all told me the reasons they...

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Reduce your fossil-fueled transportation by 50% for a week.

Why I chose this goal: This is a hard challenge since I don't go out in my car very often......maybe once a week, except for when I visit members of my family once a month...

Final Report: For the second week I made one 60-mile round trip.  That was 40% less than my trip the week before; and, this time, I had a passenger going the...

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Invent your own transportation goal!

Why I chose this goal: Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to climate change

Final Report: This is a life long challenge - need to focus on this everyday to make real progress

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Help your team with its goal

Why I chose this goal: Our goal is to help each member with their own home energy goals.  We realize that all of us can make a difference in our own homes.  Alley Cat is...

Final Report: We are all working to improve the energy efficiency of our homes.  I am working on reducing our energy use of our solar hot water heater, heat...

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