Collective Impact Zone

This is the place to check-in on how Vermontivators are doing as a community. 


These are basic real-time stats like:

  • Number of players
  • Number of teams
  • Total number of challenges played

Measurable Achievements

Vermont has some big goals related to climate change and sustainability, like:

  • Achieving 90% renewable energy by 2050
  • Increasing the amount of locally grown food by 10%
  • Keeping all food and recyclables out of the solid waste stream

Here are some of the things players tackled in Act 3.

Collective Goals


Crack your home's solar energy puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: According to What it Costs The average 5-kW system costs $22,000 with system design, equipment, and installation2. With financing, the...

Final Report: I learned about the difference between buying and renting. I also had a chance to talk with craftsbury outdoor center about their solar palens...

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Crack your home's heating cost puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: I already cracked my home's solar puzzle last summer by putting in solar panels! I love them so much! I know my house has major inefficiencies when...

Final Report: I heard some of my coworkers talking awhile back about free energy audits through vt gas. I have contacted them about scheduling an energy...

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Invent your own energy goal!

Why I chose this goal: My home faces north and the south side is up against a mountain with big trees (owned by a neighbor) on it. There is no way solar could be done on...

Final Report: For me this goal was easy, because its what I do every year. However, every year I do more. I grow more starts so I can give some away. I raise...

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Compost all your food waste for a week.

Why I chose this goal: In some ways this will be easy, as I'm already close, but I'm going to make it interesting. I'm a homecare provider Monday through Thursday 24/7...

Final Report: I've thought about convincing Joan and Betty to compost for a while, they really throw away a fair amount on food since their appetites vary a...

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Eat 10% local food for a week.

Why I chose this goal: I chose eat 10% of local food because I have lots of local food in the area and It's in reach for us. Another reason why I have chose this challenge...

Final Report: It went great I was suprised that it's easy to do this challenge. I was in reach of everything and it was fun and great. Result: fealing good....

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Invent your own food goal!

Why I chose this goal: We compost all our food waste at home and use it in our garden. We also compost humanure from our composting toilet. To reach my goal of compost...

Final Report: I think this would be a great challenge for 2016! It spurred me to join a Facebook foraging group and to check out books on foraging and to...

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Take a drive in an Electric Vehicle.

Why I chose this goal: I've never driven an electric car but have always been intrigued as to what it would be like!

Final Report: Our team is fortunate that we have a co-worker who drives a Prius, and he let us take it out for a spin so we each got a chance to drive it! We...

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Reduce your fossil-fueled transportation by 50% for a week.

Why I chose this goal: This would save us a lot of money. I'm going to find out what our weekly expense is for diesel and reduce it by half.

Final Report:  I was able to meet my transportation goal by staying home more often carpooling and biking more often. I got a new bike seat for my bike so...

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Invent your own transportation goal!

Why I chose this goal: This is a real world goal, if we can change what we are already doing then that would reflect real change.

Final Report: We have busy schedule and three of our own children to transport here there and everywhere.  My challenge was to get them there and do all that...

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Help your team with its goal

Why I chose this goal: my teams goal is going to be we all ride our bikes to school every single one of us and we are all going to ride together so we are not late for...

Final Report: the rest of my team is doing fine they are all playing and doing challenges we all have fun and try to make a diffrence in the world to stop...

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