Collective Impact Zone

This is the place to check-in on how Vermontivators are doing as a community. 


These are basic real-time stats like:

  • Number of players
  • Number of teams
  • Total number of challenges played

Measurable Achievements

Vermont has some big goals related to climate change and sustainability, like:

  • Achieving 90% renewable energy by 2050
  • Increasing the amount of locally grown food by 10%
  • Keeping all food and recyclables out of the solid waste stream

Here are some of the things players tackled in Act 3.

Collective Goals


Crack your home's solar energy puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: My goal is to get solar panels also at our place by this year or next, before the incentive $ is withdrawn. we have been living 5 years in a yurt...

Final Report:  The acorn sustainable expo was really helpful for us as we made a lot of contacts people who could help us install our solar system ,  there's...

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Crack your home's heating cost puzzle.

Why I chose this goal: We have a small home and it seems like it should cost much less to heat it than does.  There must be some options for lowering the cost of heating...

Final Report: I have been wanting to add solar and a heat pump to our house for a while now.  We heat with wood and an oil furnace.  We only use about 300-...

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Invent your own energy goal!

Why I chose this goal: I can do this without too much stress on my family or adding additional work/time to my day.  We have drying racks for cold weather and a clothes...

Final Report: It was so easy and we still stay warm!  And I know I'm saving money.

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Compost all your food waste for a week.

Why I chose this goal: I chose composting because it would be better for the earth so throw your food in compost it will help alto it would keep food of the ground i mean...

Final Report: I had lots of fun composting with my friend I also started a compost garden. Now we don't fill the trash can that much so it helps with that to...

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Eat 10% local food for a week.

Why I chose this goal: This time of year I grow a lot of my own food!  

Final Report: test

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Invent your own food goal!

Why I chose this goal: I've been learning more about the environmental effects of meat eating.  I've found that reducing my meat consumption can Reduce My Carbon Footprint...

Final Report: It went great!  I had a goal of having 10 meatless meals in a week.  I got to my 10th meal on day 5!  I'm going to see how many more meatless...

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Take a drive in an Electric Vehicle.

Why I chose this goal: I've never driven an electric car but have always been intrigued as to what it would be like!

Final Report: Our team is fortunate that we have a co-worker who drives a Prius, and he let us take it out for a spin so we each got a chance to drive it! We...

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Reduce your fossil-fueled transportation by 50% for a week.

Why I chose this goal: This will be a tricky one it's going to take a long amount of power in my body to do so. The thing is I'm so busy and it has to exclude a car. We can...

Final Report: It was hard but very very hard but I did it but it was awsome. I tried to do it in the beginning but it turned out to be really cool. Plus I'm...

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Invent your own transportation goal!

Why I chose this goal: i picked this goal because i have a bike and i live near town so i could get groccerys or go to school also to a freinds house so i wont drive a car...

Final Report: what i learned bout transportation is it is eaiser to ride your bike so you dont have to wait for people to pick you up in a car

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Help your team with its goal

Why I chose this goal: We are going to raise awareness throughout our office about using fewer papertowles when drying our hands in the bathrooms!  We all are guilty of...

Final Report: We have already gotten great support and encouragement from our office maintenance team to help us execute our plan!  We are excited to see...

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