Webinar: Community Resilience Organizations - A Pilot Program


Friday 6/26 12:00pm to 1:30pm


New England Grassroots Environment Fund

Climate change. Superstorms. Power outages. Toxic spills. Fire. Our communities face ever-worsening disasters. Most towns have emergency response and hazard mitigation plans, but it’s impossible to anticipate everything. The best solution is to build resilience – the ability for community members to come together and solve whatever problems come their way. That involves work projects to lessen the impact of disasters, while also building self-reliance and stronger community connections. Community Resilience Organizations (CROs) are local teams, appointed by the town legislative body, that engage residents and town leaders in tasks aimed to lessen losses via climate adaptation, disaster preparedness and hazard mitigation, while strengthening local collaboration and social cohesion. 

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