Watchung Warren Green Fair


Saturday 4/25 10:00am to 1:00pm


Warren Municipal Grounds, Warren, NJ



This is a great opportunity to donate hard-to-dispose-of items for reuse or recycling.  You can also learn more about sustainable living.  And the whole family can have fun!

Items to be collected for reuse include:

  • clothing and shoes
  • draperies and linens
  • eyeglasses
  • hearing aids
  • cell phones
  • art supplies
  • tissue paper
  • bubblewrap

Items to be collected for recycling include:

  • electronics
  • scrap metal
  • styrofoam
  • crayons

Activities will include recycling arts & crafts, a rain barrel demonstration, and a bee-keeping display.  There will be a book swap, composting information, and best of all: FOOD!

Event Log


The Watchung Warren Green Fair was wonderfuL!  There were cars waiting in line to drop off electronics for recycling.  There was a veritable mountain of styrofoam dropped off, and another mountain of draperies and comforters and such.  The Watchung Green Team was there with a booth giving out tree seedlings; I brought home 5.  There was a booth with LE bulbs, another about solar energy, one about bees and what plants to plant to support them.  The Watchung Garden Club was there.  There was a book exchange; I brought home beautiful children's books in like-new condition which I will donate for socio-economically challenged families around the holidays.  And so many more tables I can't even remember them all.

It was FABULOUS!  It was AMAZING!  So many people who care about the environment!

I wish I could upload more than 1 photo.  The one I chose shows how the elecronics were stacked on pallets, then wrapped in plastic for shipping.