VTVT Happy Hour with Vermont Beer Specials


Thursday 4/30 5:00pm


Whammy Bar, Maple Corner Store



The Whammy Bar will be hosting this week's Vermontivate meeting this Thursday (4/30) starting at 5:00 and offering special pricing on Vermont Beer, Wine and Cider all night.  Vermont products include 3 different Rock Art Beers, Switchback Ale and 3 Different varieties of Citizen Cider.  Come support our Calais Vermontivate team and drink local beers at a wonderful local business!  The Calais Vermontivate team is working really hard this year to complete several real and meaningful community sustainibilty projects.  We're planting Hazelbert Trees at the Community Center, planning the construction of a community root cellar, and taking steps towards more sustainable means of transportation in Calais.  

If we all work together, the Calais team has a chance to win $1,000 towards the completion of these important projects, please come out and help us make these dreams come true.

Event Log


I can't remember if I submitted this before...I need a nap from all the Vermontivate activites.

Here's a photo of the gang at the Whammy Bar.

Jumpin' Jersey

Another fabulous night at the Whammy Bar!  It's such a privilage getting to know and work with our Vermontivate team.  A special thanks to team mate JackSquat for offering discounts on Vermont beers all night, we certainly took advantage of this!!  After the meeting we ordered a pizza and listened to the band playing, it was a lovely evening.  The meeting portion was also very constructive, we layed the ground work for a clean energy fair for the fall and finalized plans for tomorrow's tree planting.  Such a fun and dedicated group!


Our final Team Calais Happy Hour meeting at the Whammy Bar was fruitful and fun. Planning for our near and future projects continued apace so that we were able to reach and set goals. We appreciate so much Artie and Nancy's indulgence! 


I could only be there for the first 40 minutes, but can honestly say a good time was had by all. We talked about where we go from here. We're not going to stop, we're going to work with the Calais Food Committee to coordinate more public food plantings. Hasso Ewing is going to do a design around out hazelnut plantings behind the community center. We're looking for more perennial crops to go with the trees.

Also we dicided to host an "Energy Fair" at the community center during Fall Foliage Weekend when other events draw masses of people out of their homes and from other areas. As a part of this we'll have the electric car people can test drive.

Here's a photo of our motley crew.



Ancient Woman

I went to the Whammy Bar to be with team members for information exchange and local beer specials on April 30th