Vermont Maple Open House Weekend 2015


Saturday 3/28 9:00am to Sunday 3/29 5:00pm

Visit Vermont sugarhouses and restaurants across the state and watch as maple syrup is being made. Join our family tradition and be a part of all the fun!

A full listing of participating sugarhouses.

Each sugarhouse is different, with a unique experience to offer guests.  Some hold pancake breakfasts while others offer wagon or sleigh rides.  At some sugarhouses you can ski or snowshoe through the woods and others offer a chance to taste authentic Sugar-on-Snow.  Plan your tour of sugarhouses today!

Event Log


It was so fun to get to be in a sap sauna again (I love that smell!) and to see all the old taps and tins on the wall of Bragg's :-)


 I hosted one of the maple sugar house open houses. We were boiling when people were coming in we showed them the R.O and the evaporator. We get people a little maple syrup to sweeten them up. Then for the last thing we showed them the pipelines and your buckets.


This weekend my family actually hosted a maple sugaring tour. Ma and Pa's maples was the place to go. On Saturday Miss teen Vermont came as well as the Chronicle. It was very busy. Sugaring is very fun and a tradition in my family. Here is the address for anybody who wants to have a tour. 


We went to Palmer's Sugar house on Dorset St for the second time ever and had some sugar on snow. What I love about Sugar on Snow is that it comes with a donut and a PICKLE! No one in my family wanted thier pickle so I had four pickles all to myself to enjoy with my Sugar on Snow :)


Went to Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks for Sugar on Snow with my family on Sunday. There were lots of families there enjoying the beauty of the cold spring day, the sweet tast of maple taffy on the tongue and the warm, friendly hospitality of the Morse family.

Saw a young dad delighting in his 6 month old son who was delighting in just about everything he encountered. After a long winter indoors it was one of the baby's first outings in the big world. His dad said it was probably the most exciting day of his life so far. 

May we all revel in simple pleasures and treat every day as an adventure in new and interesting experiences. Happy maple sugaring season Vermonters!



Went to Jed's open house today. Took a tour of their maple house museum. They had sugar on snow and maple pizza. I went for the maple creemies. While there I bought some of Jed's tastes products check out the picture  to see some of the things you can get from their shop. 


We went to the Morse Farms in Montpelier where they were boiling sap and having sugar on snow. I tried it...the maple syrup was good but very sweet. I wish the snow was more slushy but it was like hard ice. I got a maple creemee at the end.

Here I am watching the sap boil into syrup and eating a yummy maple's a beautiful day!

The end of a long, hard winter....we hope.


We visited Morse Farms here in Montpelier and enjoyed sugar on snow, pickles and doughnuts. It was a beautiful day and the farm was packed. Here's a picture of Jasper and Shawn eating the yummy treats.