Saturday 5/2 1:00pm


Maple Corner Community Center: 64 West County Rd, Calais VT



Come join us Saturday, May 2nd, for a fun afternoon of tree planting!  The Calais Vermontivate Team in conjuction with the Maple Corner Community Center will be spending the afternoon of Green-Up Day planting Hazelbert trees out behind the MCCC.  Hazelbert trees grow great in central Vermont and we think they'll love their new home in Maple Corner.  They grow about 10 feet tall meaning the easily hand-crackible nut clusters should be easy to harvest and delicious to eat.  We plan to plant 5 Hazelbert Trees staggered along the fence on the North side of the Community Center property.  Along with planting the trees, we'll spend a little time cleaning up winter debris from the Community Center lawn and play areas.  The leaves we rake will make great mulch for our new trees!

In addition to yourself, a friend, and your willingness to help, please bring any of the following tools you have available:   Wheelbarrow, Garden Shovel, Leaf Rake.  Might we also suggest folks bring for themselves: work gloves, a water bottle, light snacks, big smiles and a strong desire to save the planet!

See you on Saturday!

Event Log


Today Team Calais planted hazelberts trees behind the Maple Corner Community Center as a food source for the entire community, thereby reaching one of our team goals. And what a glorious day we had for it! After planting the trees and speaking blessings over them, we had a small celebration with food and drink. A beautiful co-operative effort by a group of committed environmentalists!

Jumpin' Jersey

What a perfect last day to Vermontivate 2015!  I simply can't say enough about the amazing Calais team and how much fun we have.  Though I had forgotten that today happend to be world naked gardening day, sadly we "Forgot" to participate in that!  No worries, we had just as much fun.  WIth fine local breads to tide us over and beer and wine to celebrate our project completion, there is no better way to celebrate this beautiful spring day.  We planted our four Hazelbert trees at the Community Center, and had an enormous amount of fun doing it!   I look forward to round two later in the season, where we'll plant blueberries and/or other edibles along the fence line.  So many wonderful things to continue working on, all I can say is YAY!!!!


We ended up planting 4 hazelnut trees today and more will go in when they arrive. Unfortunatley the shipment was delayed. Afterward we had a little celebration, it was great fun.

Here are photos of the motley crew who worked on this.

Ancient Woman

We planted four hazel nut tree today, May 2, for the community to enjoy.  We had a good time too as  we enjoyed a party afterwards!


I was not in Vermont, but I participated in the Tree Planting Event today.   I planted the five seedlings I got at the Watchung Warren Green Fair last weekend - two white pine and three spruce.  I waited until 1:00, the time of the Event.  Then I dragged my hubby out to help me choose good spots for them, I dug the holes (fortunately I did not have to dig very deep because we have *very* rocky soil here in Watchung), then I carefully placed them and filled in the dirt.  I gently tamped the soil and then I watered them.  Look how teeny they are now (see photo)!  Can't wait to see how they grow.

And all the while, I was thinking of my Teammates up in Maple Corner, also planting trees!