Team Bobcat Meeting, Tuesday, April 28, 4:00 PM, Carol's Cafe, Middlebury


Tuesday 4/28 4:00am


Carol's Hungry Mind Cafe, Middlebury



Come and help our team get ready for a final push and also see if we can work on some of the team goals.  We have to do those together!

Event Log

Energy Lady

Team Bobcat Meeting

April 28, 4:00 PM

Carol's, Middlebury

Our team met with our new member, Laser and reviewed our team goals so that our moderator could finish up her job reporting on our team.  We found out what each member needs to meet her home energy goals and how we could help one another.  I offered to help with heat pump and solar electric information.  The others offered help on light bulbs and how to select a solar system for a new house.  We talked about digging up two blueberry bushes and taking them to the local library for their children's garden project.  We helped Laser focus on what she wants to accomplish for the final few days of Vermontivate.