On-Street Bicycle Skills Workshop


Saturday 4/18 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Miller Center - 130 Gosse Ct., Burlington


Local Motion

Are you comfortable on your bike, but not so much with traffic?  

Local Motion's 90-minute On-Street Bicycle Skills workshop helps you build your skills and confidence for riding on the street!  

We start with a ten-minute pre-ride review of the essential principles of safe riding, along with a quick refresher on proper helmet fit and a 60-second mechanical check. Then we saddle up and head out on the street for a narrated ride with periodic pull-offs to discuss conditions encountered and how best to respond to them.

Over the course of the ride, participants learn about:

  • Making safe turns
  • Lane positioning
  • Hazard avoidance
  • Communicating with drivers

All participants must bring their bike and helmet. Bikes must be in good working order. If you need a helmet, just let us know on the form, and we'll bring one for you.

RSVP required: Sign up here, e-mail: education@localmotion.org, or call: (802) 861-2700 x106.