Site Scouting for Root Cellar and Nut Trees


Sunday 4/19 10:00am to 11:00am


Maple Corner Community Center



On Sunday April 19th at 10:00 AM, Team Calais will meet with team member Neal Neal Banana Peal at the Maple Corner Community Center to check out where we want to plant nut trees in back of the community center (Neal Neal is actually our town tree warden!) and also to check out the space in Happiness Lady's barn where we think we can build a community root cellar.

All team members welcome to join us!!

Event Log

Neal Neal Banan...

It feels great to be moving forward on root cellar planning and edible landscaping. I hope our tree planting momentum spreads to other public spaces around town.


I attended the tree siting/root cellar meeting of Team Calais this morning. We will plant several nut trees at Maple Corner Community Center, as well as work on a community root cellar.


I attended the Maple Corner Community Root Cellar "scouting" mission meeting this morning. This was in conjunction with the planning for planting nut trees at the Community Center in Calais. Good things are happening with wonderful people!

Happiness Lady

We had a great great gathering together this morning!  It looks like the basement of the Maple Corner Community Center will work really well as our community root cellar.  And, the MCCC board has authorized the purchase of trees, as large as possible!! On the far side of the white fence in this picture, we will plant six hazelbert trees (hybrid of hazelnut and filbert).  They grow very well in this climate, and should start yielding nuts within two years or so (depending on the size of trees we plant).  We will post an event soon!  The tree planting will probably be on Saturday April 25th or Saturday May 2nd, depending on weather and availability of trees.

We are thrilled to be moving forward with two such valuable projects for Calais' long term food sustainability!

Jumpin' Jersey

Another Fabulous meeting!  I am so honored to be part of this amazing Calais team - I have high hopes for all the amazing projects we have going!!! Thank you all for being SO SO Vermontivatious!!! It's a pleasure working with  you all!

At this meeting we looked at 4 different possible sites (in two basements) to discuss possible root cellar placement.  We drafted pro's and con's of each site and will meet shortly with a local root cellar expert to look more closely at the sites and pick a final location.  Really hopeful we win this thing and get a little seed money to make it happen!

We also looked at the back yard of the Community Center and had a great discussion on tree planting.  We have some more research to do, but are almost ready to move forward and plant a row of Hazelbert trees along the fense line, I'm SO excited about these projects!  As some players find email easier than communicating solely through Vermontivate, we set up a email list with all of us on here and are using that a lot to hash out all the details!

Here's a "Groupie" we took - though a few other people joined us after we took this picture.  I posted several other pictures on FB: