Permaculture consultation - free, open to all...


Saturday 5/2 10:00am to 12:00pm


421 Bliss Pond Rd, Calais, VT



On Saturday, May 2nd at 10am, Aaron Guman, a permaculture design consultant, will be assessing the property at 421 Bliss Pond Rd. Calais, just off of Country Rd. All are welcome to come and hear what he has to say.

Permaculture uses nature as its model. They look at how a forest grows with the upper canopy, the middle layers, down to shrubs and ground covers. Helping water spread out into the landscape to be given time to soak in, rather than run off taking with it precious topsoil, is a key component.

Every property has its challenge, this one has particular "issues" in that it is situated across the street from Bliss Pond, but the south side is behind the house, up against the hillside with large trees and water runoff challenges. Most of the land is ledge and no part of the property ever gets full sun. My goal is to maximize food production while working consciously with nature to create a vibrant, healthy, carbon sequestering environment.

Call Gail at 223-1730 if you need directions.

Event Log

Jumpin' Jersey

I had a really good time at this event and learned quite a bit.  AngelHearts yard is clearly very difficult in terms of garden space, water management, light management, etc.  I was very very impressed with all the wonderful things she has already done and is already growing! It was great to listen in to all the ideas being discussed on where to move forward and how to get the most use out of the available land.  Really glad she opened this up for others of us to listen in and learn!


We spent two hours looking at the landscape, its challenges and then talking about what periennal crops would work in this space. It was great fun! Now...I just need to get started with the suggestions.


Photo - Here we are relazing on the deck after the consultation.