People's Media Institute


Sunday 4/12 9:00am to 5:00pm


Vermont Workers' Center, 294 N Winooski Ave, Burlington


As participants in movements for human rights and dignity, we're often fighting an uphill battle in the face of corporate advertising and a mass media which tends to justify the status quo. How can we break through these narratives and advance alternative visions of a world that works for people and the planet? How can we tell our own stories, instead of relying on the mainstream media to tell them for us?  

The People's Media Institute is a 1-day training for members of the VWC and our partner organizations, as well as those who are new to our work or to media and communications. Over the course of a day, we'll analyze mainstream media coverage, develop concrete skills like social media and video production, and identify ways to get involved in our growing movement for people and the planet here in Vermont. Come join us!  

Email Keith Brunner at to register.