Montpelier Bears! presents Kudos card to Hunger Mt. Co-op


Wednesday 4/22 11:30am to 11:45am


Hunger Mt. Co-op Montpelier VT


Montpelier Bears!

Jasper of the Montpelier Bears will present a Kudos card to Hunger Mountain Co-op for holding their Earth Day event and being such an awesome co-op for our community!

Event Log


I helped Jasper present his Kudos cards to people at the Earth Day Celebration. Here's a picture of Jasper with Happiness Lady....sorry I was taking the picture...but I was there!


We had a great time at the hunger Mt. Co-op during their Earth Day Celebration. We presented 3 Kudos cards to people who were working hard to care for the environment. Check those pictures out in the Kudos card section. 

Here's a picture of Jasper with his face painted at the Earth Day celebration.