Montpelier Bears help GreenUp!


Saturday 5/2 10:00am to 12:00pm


All around Montpelier


Montpelier Bears!

On GreenUp day May 2nd Montpelier Bears will be out helping to clean up the Capital. 

Hope to see everyone out there!

Event Log


We helped to green up Montpeleir. We worked with about 3-4 families. There were a lot of kids helping. It was a great day to help beautify our community.


We had a super fun time! There were som many of my friends helping with Green up in Montpelier--I saw everyone in my class! I love green up day. 


Helped the Montpellier Bears green up in Montpelier today on a beautiful day! Lots of fun with friends! Not  lot of teach to clean up as Montpelier is a well kept little city.