Locavore Potluck Supper & VPIRG Presentation on Carbon Pollution Tax


Thursday 7/23 6:00pm


Maple Corner Community Center



Please come to Team Calais's  Locavore Potluck Supper & VPIRG Presentation on Carbon Pollution Tax.  

Bring a dish made with local ingredients to share, then enjoy supper with your friends and neighbors who care about the environment.  After supper, VPIRG's talented Liz Edsell will discuss the Carbon Pollution Tax, explain why it's so important, and answer your questions.

Energy Independent Vermont is working with the Vermont legislature to create a Carbon Pollution Tax, which would help address global warming by making it more expensive to emit carbon dioxide and would raise money for programs to tackle the problems that carbon dioxide emissions create.   The tax would also encourage people and businesses to use fossil fuels more efficiently or look for cleaner alternatives.

Don't miss this important event!

Event Log


Picked up the Pick up truck for picking up the hazelnut trees today.