Local Wine Tasting


Saturday 4/25 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Fresh Tracks Winery, Berlin, VT



As part of our efforts to consume as much local food and drink as possible, Team Calais invites all other Vermontivators of legal drinking age to join us at Fresh Tracks Winery in Berlin, Vermont for a wine tasting.  Why import wines from California, France, Australia, South Africa or Argentina if the local wine is good?  Let's find out!

Event Log


I attended Team Calais's visit to a local winery to taste taste their wines, providing a great opportunity to sample a local product and have a great time whilst doing so!

Jumpin' Jersey

What a fabulous wine tasting at Fresh Tracks winery today!  It was a blast going with my fellow team mates.  While we all went being a bit skeptical of Vermont wines, we all found wines we liked and could start buying! 

One fun tip was how we got there.  I rode my bike to Happiness Lady's house, then rode with her to Bliss on the Ponds house, and we all rode to fresh tracks in her Prius!  What a fabulous example of Hybred Carpooling!!!

Happiness Lady

I joined Bliss-on-the-Pond and Jumping Jersey to find out if my taste buds could be happy given up long distance dinner wines for something local.  We went to Fresh Tracks in Berlin -- which is very green!  Lots of solar, etc -- for a taste testing.  Of course, it was totally totally fun and the ride there and back was filled with Vermontivate plotting and scheming ...

And, I am happy to say, I did find a red that I like, and could make my standard dinner wine.  I don't like it as much as wines which come from other climates -- but I like it well enough.  I can make the "sacrifice" to switch, make this my standard.  I mean, we have to make some sacrifices for the future, right?

BTW, they had an awesome wine made from maple syrup!  Obviously extremely sweet, more a fancy cordial than a wine.  But quite local, and quite yummy.