The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar book release party


Sunday 4/12 3:00am to 6:00am


Metta Earth in Lincoln, Vermont



The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar, by Alice Eckles is the first fantasy novel released by Dancing Bee Press. Alice Eckles started Dancing Bee Press for the purpose of publishing her books, her partner Ross Conrad's books, and other titles that figure into their beekeeping business, Dancing Bee Gardens.
Alice will be giving an meditation book release party at Metta Earth in Lincoln, Vermont on Sunday April 12, 3-6 pm. Participants must RSVP Alice by phone (802) 310-9364, or email aleckles at gmail dot com

Alice Eckles raised $2,000 with her Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to publish The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar, and created Dancing Bee Press to complete the project. The novel is available on Amazon and at various events where Dancing Bee Gardens has a presence, such as the Middlebury Farmer's market. The novel is soon to be available in bookstores as well.

The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar, Published February 7, 2015, is not your typical tale of post apocalyptic doom, but is ultimately a story of hope. Set in the year 2045, amidst planetary chaos and climate change, the Earth' s human population has dwindled to survivors of "The Great Wobble," caused by changes in the planet's magnetic field, when time became dreamy and subjective and geography has blurred and shifted. New Age mystic, Deb Exlander and her practical beekeeper husband, Charles, piece together a new life seeking harmony with the new environment. Deb is on a quest, tied intimately with her deep love for nature and her recent acquaintance with a wild boar who roams the neighborhood as she seeks healing for her family and community.

Alice Eckles is the author of a Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies, and publishes artisanal batches of poetry and prose that she sells from her honey booth at farmers markets and other events since she is also a beekeeper, shiitake grower and homesteader. Her writing has appeared in a number of publications including The Seattle Review and Nomads Choir. After studying sculpture and printmaking at Bennington College, she went on to earn her Master’s of Education from Antioch new England Graduate School, with Waldorf Certification. She worked as a professional artist and art teacher in Vermont for many years before devoting herself to writing. Eckles has participated in a Vermont Studio Center Residency and the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference. She lives with her life’s companion Ross Conrad in a yurt without electricity or running water, where they plan to build a cordwood masonry house. Working together at Dancing Bee Gardens Ross and Alice offer these products and services: Shiitake mushrooms, Raw honey, Bee products, Pollination of organic farms, Education, Honeybee literature, and books from Dancing Bee Press.

Event Log

Alley cat

Thanks to all who came! Great discussion and local Apple cranberry cake was shared. We admired the cute baby lambs at Metta Earth afterwards.

Alley cat

This was a great little event at Metta Earth it was one of the  first really beautiful spring days our group had wonderful discussion and enjoyed a healthy and delicious local apple cranberry cake. Afterwards we admired the cute baby lambs at Metta Earth.