Hibernation Vacation - 4/17/15


Friday 4/17 1:30pm to 2:30pm


Essex Middle School


Essex Middle School

It’s Time to Take a Hibernation Vacation!

On Friday, April 17th, we're asking all staff and students of EMS to help our school prepare for our Hibernation Vacation. What’s a Hibernation Vacation you may ask? It’s a time for our school to save energy, money, and help out our environment. The following is a list of items we are asking you and your students to do to prepare for our second Hibernation Vacation this year. We really want to engage ALL students in this task, so the understand the value of taking a Hibernation Vacation.  

Preparation List:

Pull down all shades in all classrooms, small group rooms, etc.

Unplug all computers (including desktops) and projectors.

Unplug all appliances (examples: microwaves, mini fridges, and pencil sharpeners, etc.) - essentially anything plugged into the wall.  

Unplug all power strips.

Turn off all lights at the end of the day.


We know that this may seem like an inconvenience, but think about all the energy we can save in 9 days!

So, to prepare for the Hibernation Vacation, we are asking that you and your students take 5-10 minutes at the end of the day this Friday to prep for the vacation.  A team from the Whole School Energy Challenge will be coming around at the end of the day to inventory classrooms.  

Thank you very much for your participation,

Derek B. - Leader of The Whole School Energy Challenge Team