GreenUp Day!


Saturday 5/2 9:00am to 5:00pm


All over Vermont!

Saturday, May 2 is the 45th Anniversary of GreenUp Day!

Green Up Day bags will be available the week prior to Green Up Day, usually at your Town Clerk’s Office.

Visit the HOW TO PARTICIPATE page to find out who your town coordinator is and what the details are surrounding Green Up Day in your community!

Event Log


I collected a total of 6 bags full of trash from my drive from Troy to Hardwick and back. I also took 8 tires home with me to put around my garden to plant potatoes in.


At 8:30 am, Ruah picked me up, and we went to the Charlotte Central School to set up the boxes for collecting e-waste.

Ruah has done this before, so she showed me how to do it, and explained what kind of e-waste we could accept.

Stayed until 1:00 pm, filling more than ten bins with electronic waste dropped off by Charlotters.  Saw lots and lots of our neighbors.

Energy Lady

Green Up Day in Weybridge

Saturday, May 2

I did my Green Up Day work earlier in the week because I am not at home today.  My husband and I picked up bottles, cans, etc. on both sides of the road for about a mile and a half.  We filled 4 green bags, took them home, and sorted out the recyclable material from the trash.  About 75% was either returnable bottles or recyclable materials, which we took to their respective places.  

It made me wonder, as I do every Green-Up Day, why some people carefully sort out their recycling and take it to the recycling center (that's how we do it in our town), and others just heave it out the window of their cars.

I also wondered, in the grand scheme of things, whether all the energy harnassed from volunteers to pick up trash could be better spent planting trees, for example.  If people didn't throw their trash on the roadside, we could have a different kind of Green-Up Day, one that would make a more lasting difference.  

I also wondered how we could spread the message that the more we buy, the more we have to throw away.   And finally, I wondered how to convince vendors to stop selling their food and drinks in styrofoam containers.

Lots to think about on Green-Up Day