Free Community Supper, MIddlebury Congregational Church


Friday 4/24 5:00am


Middlebury Congregational Church, Middlebury

Volunteers will be cooking a meal of locally sourced food for this weekly event.  Free and open to the public.

Event Log

Energy Lady

MIddlebury Community Supper, April 24, 5:00 PM, Middlebury Congregational Church



Along with about 25 other volunteers, I helped prepare a meal at the Community Supper in Middlebury yesterday.

We made vegetable lasagna with local vegetables and cheeses along with salad and bread.  The total meals served was 227.  This is a weekly event in Middlebury and my faith group is in charge of the meal twice a year.

The photo shows my grandchildren and me enjoying the meal we helped to prepare.