Earth Hour In Burlington


Saturday 3/28 8:30pm to 9:30pm


Church Street Marketplace

Join the Church Street Marketplace, the Universalist Unitarian Church, Burlington City Arts and City Hall for this international day of solidarity in the fight against climate change. During Earth Hour, Burlington joins cities around the country by turning off lights on and around the Marketplace. An added bonus: the Vermont Astronomical Society sets up telescopes on the UU lawn for planet viewing. 

Event Log


I am so grateful to the Vermont Astronomical Society!  This event was the first time I was able to see through telescopes, and it was truly and eye-opening experience.  With the help of the fine fellows from the society, I was able to see close details of the Moon, the cloud stripes of Jupiter, four of Jupiter's moons in alignment, and the Orion Nebula.  It was very exciting, and I have gained a new appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the Universe.  There was also a fine conversation regarding Carl Sagan too!  I'm looking forward to attending more events through the society soon.  

In light (ha!) of Earth Hour, the society also offered pamphlets from the International Dark-Sky Association that provided information about light pollution.  From these materials I have learned more about the connection between light pollution and energy consumption.  Empowered by this information I plan to adjust the light bulbs and fixtures I use and encourage those around me (my landlord, my employer, my friends) to do the same.  For more information about the Vermont Astronomical Society, you can visit their website at, and for more information about the International Dark-Sky Association visit