Earth Day at Hunger Mountain Co-Op


Wednesday 4/22 10:00am to 5:00pm


Stone Cutters Way, Montpelier

Join us for our Annual Earth Day Celebration!

  • Swap your old books for new ones at the Community Book Swap.
  • Get your bike tuned-up by an Onion River Sports mechanic. 
  • Bring the kids for seedling planting, crafts, and face painting (face painting ends at 1pm). 
  • Recycle your old cell phones and batteries at our recycling station with Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District. 
  • Sample delicious products from some of our local vendors. 
  • Learn from local environmental businesses and organizations how you can make a difference. 
  • In addition, from 8am-8pm we will be offering raffles and prizes for everyone, along with 5% discount on purchases for our Member-Owners!

Note from Team Vermontivate: Hunger Mountain Co-Op has offered gift certificates on numerous occasions to support Vermontivate! So if you swing by there (even not on Earth Day), be sure to thank them for their support!

Event Log

Ancient Woman

I went to the Hunger Mountain Coop Earth Day Celebration with books in my hands to recyle.  i lift twenty books for others to read and sahre --

Happiness Lady

Wow, it was a great time at the Hunger Mountain Coop Earth Day Celebration!  I saw fellow Vermontivators Jasper and CherylSci, and also Jumpin Jersey.  I went to the book exchange part first, then spent time inside buying local food.

There was a lot of great energy there -- very upbeat, very Vermontivacious.  I am so happy to have found local red wine (the Berlin oats farmer told me it is really really good), gnocchi, black bean burgers, various cheeses (of course), and -- oats! and pancake mixture!  And, Nathan Rogers, of the farmer, who was present and doing demos, told me what local breads I can buy that are actually baked with locally grown wheat. 

It was fun, fun, fun!

And on the way home, I bought some compost so we can get back into growing our own sprouts again.


Jasper and I attended the events at the Hunger Amat. Co-op for Earth Day! We had a lot of fun and found some great books at the book swap!


Jasper and Mommy went to the Earth Day celebration at the Humger Mt. Co-op! There were many fun things to do including a book swap and face painting! We saw many fun peopl there too---like Jumpin Jersey and Happiness Lady from team Calais.