Calais Vermontivate Team Happy Hour


Thursday 4/23 5:00pm to 6:00pm


Whammy Bar, Maple Corner Store



The Vermontivate Launch party was so much fun and so productive we decided to do it again!  Come join us next Thursday at 5:00 PM at the Whammy Bar for our now weekly Vermontivate Happy Hour!  Have a drink, or even get a pizza, salad, or wings for dinner.  Supporting local businesses fits in very well with our community minded mission.  We'll visit while we work on group challenges, give report-backs on progress and continue working on our exciting projects! 

If you can, bring a friend.  We all know someone in Calais who would use the community root cellar, enjoy helping us plant Nut Trees at the Community Center, or want to pick fruit at from a new Pear Orchard at the town hall.  Bring them along for a visit!

Event Log

Better late tha...

Vermontivate Happy Hour Group Discussion.


Another Team Calais Vermontivacious Happy Hour at the Whammy Bar!

Better late tha...

Happy hour discussion at the Wammy. Calais team pow-wow with nutty discussions and limerics. 

Happiness Lady

Wow, what a pleasure to be working with this crew!!  We are making so much progress, so fast on multiple fronts -- and having a good time!!  I feel fortunate indeed.

Random Roadie

This was the first event I was able to attend with my team, as I've been away - what a great, dedicated, fun and funny bunch!  And did I say - active?  The range of actions being worked on are truly inspiring.  I am especially excited about plans to build a root cellar, ideas for how and where we can pursue getting a village park and ride, and planting nut trees, berry bushes and apple trees on public land for any to eat.  How cool is that!  And we have a date certain for the planting of nuts and berries - how do we make that an event, teamies?


What a great meeting of Team Calais at our weekly Happy Hour at the Whammy Bar in Maple Corner! We discussed the planting of our nut trees, the plans for our community root celler, and our long-term plan for a park and ride in Maple Corner. A very enthusiastic and determined group!

Jumpin' Jersey

Another FABULOUS Vermontivate Happy Hour!  Team Calais is seriously amazing me this year, you guys are fabulous!  We got a lot done! We are moving ahead with our tree planting on May 2nd, as well as a permiculture event that morning.  We are making headway on a Maple Corner Park and Ride and  planting an orchard on community land.  We have lots of events scheduled or almost scheduled including a wine tasting at the local Fresh Tracks vinyard, working on an electric car demo day, hosting a carbon tax info session, and SO MUCH MORE! This is all very exciting.  OH and of course moving forward with our Root Cellar, which sounds like will likely be housed in the Community Center - rock on y'all!  If you were there, and need this photo emailed to you let me know, I also posted in on FB and tagged you all.