Calais Sunday Night Meditation Group


Sunday 4/26 5:00am to 6:00am


Calais - at different homes each week



A few Vermontivate team members met for a lovely quiet time of meditation and reflection on Bliss Pond.

Wendell Berry joined us too:

Geese appear high over us, pass, and the sky closes,

Abandon, as in love or sleep, holds them to their way,

clear in the ancient faith: what we need is here.

And we pray, not for the new earth or heaven,

but to be quiet in heart, and in eye clear.

What we need is here.

Event Log

Ancient Woman

I went to the Calais mediation group on Sunday April 26


Meditation has become a regular part of my life. It has made significant changes in my attitudes towards people and situations. But most significantly, it has helped me to nearly eliminate my chronic insomnia. 20 to 30 minutes of meditation before bed send my off to Dreamland in record time (at least for me)! Calais also has a meditation group that meets every Sunday evening from 5 - 6 at the members' various homes. I attend that every Sunday night that I can.


A quiet time together at the end of a weekend. Lovely!