Book Sorting for Reuse and Recycling - Friends of Watchung Library


Monday 4/27 10:00am


Watchung Library, 12 Stirling Road, Watchung, NJ



Come help us sort books, which might otherwise have goine to a landfill, for reuse and recycling.  Books to be sorted come from library patron donations and library discards.    We'll be sorting books into these categories: 

  • Books that we can sell at Second Story Books.  Proceeds will support Watchung Library programs and services, particularly the children's summer reading program.
  • Books to be donated to schools.  We have donated books, particularly nonfiction with sturdy bindings, to our own schools in Watchung, as well as to schools in neighboring communities, notably Plainfield.
  • Books to be donated to literacy programs.  We have donated books to literacy programs in China, Africa, and socio-economically challenged communities here in New Jersey.
  • Books to be donated to a nonprofit organization.  We get more books donated than we can display and sell, so we share the bounty.
  • Books that are not reusable.  These will be recycled.

No experience necessary.  Trained sorters will instruct you.

Event Log


We sorted 6 boxes of books that were donated to the Watchung Library today - books that might otherwise have gone to a landfill.  Most were kids' books.

  • A good 50% are going to be donated for resale at the local thrift shop, which benefits the Lupus Foundation.
  • Many books were priced and placed on display in Second Story Books - Friends of Watchung Library's book store.  
  • One box is being held for stock for Second Story Books.
  • A small box of books in like-new condition are being held for donation to Watchung's Adopt-a-Family program, which donates to families who need assistance at the winter holidays.
  • Maybe three books were deemed not salable and went into the recycling bin.
  • And I bought two books - one for myself and one for my hubby.  8-)