ACS at VT State Chess Championships


Saturday 4/18 9:30am to 3:00pm


Berlin Elementary School Berlin, VT


Albany Community School

Students from all grade levels at ACS will be returning for a second year to the Scholastic Vermont State Chess Championships at Berlin Elementary School in Berlin VT from 9:30--3:00.

Come by and show our hardworking students and staff support!

Event Log


I played chess and had fun. I did not win any thing.


The chess tournament was very fun we were able to learn more about chess and test the skills that we had been learning during practice. We were able to watch are teammates win and lose and show them what they did wrong and right. We won by far and came back to school victorious.


I went to the chess tournament and I won two games it was fun. 


Mommy and me went to watch Her ACS students play some chess at the tournament today. The students were working hard and they ended up winning the Middle School state championships again for the second year!

Maybe I can learn chess this looks pretty fun.