ACS Greens Up!


Friday 5/1 1:30pm to 2:30pm




Albany Community School

ACS works together today to green up the school grounds and part of the Albany community.

Event Log


Helped middle school students at ACS green up yesterday. We had fun while cleaning up our school grounds and the roadside next to the school. Forgot to take a picture of myself with them at the time so here's one of me with a green up bag at my house.


We broke up into 5 teams. Each team covered an area of the school grounds. My team filled two green up bags. I am including a picture of our trash. We also raked up some dirt left over from the winter and dumped it in one location. Over all we collected 7 bags of trash.


Today I went outside my school and picked up the stream. I got a lot of trash and I'm proud of my self. It was trash and metal. I had fun as I and we did it, I really going to green up tomorrow and it's going to be great. I recommend that we and others should green up and help the world.


We did a day when we went around and cleaned up some of the garbage around the school! In my group, with my friend anthony, we found a lot of scrap metal. S amazing about how much people will litter 


Me and my school helped with Green Up.We found a alot of trash .Let's all Do Green Up!!!


Wht we did today is we went to the road and green upped and 

picked up tons of trash to green up our community.


So much fun we picked up 4 number 2's in plastic bags

Walking Dead Girl

We cleaned up the school area. There is a lot of gross things out there. Ms.Ecklund said the three things you know about litters that they, 1 drink cheap beer, 2 eat a lot of fast foods, and smoke and that's kinda true. A lot of the garbage is a lot hose things. Its really gross. 


I think that green up day is cool because everyone can STOP and help clean up. Then it would all be over.