Bonus Points

Individual Bonus Point Challenges

Note: Your bonus point submissions will be personally reviewed by the hard-working field mice of web admin before your points get awarded. So, if they don't pop up immediately, don't worry! We're on it (in between cheese breaks)!

1. Town Crier

Write a Letter to the Editor about your experience with Vermontivate! or regarding your opinion on a climate-related issue, and send the letter to your favorite paper. If it gets published, you will receive 700 bonus points and a Town Crier Badge. There is no limit on the number of times you can earn this bonus.

NOTE: Don't forget to include a link to where the letter got published!

2. Video Interview With Another Vermontivator!

Do a video interview (3 minutes or less) with another player about their Vermontivate! experience. Share the video, and you'll receive 700 bonus points and a Videographer Badge. You can earn this bonus three times. All video submissions due by April 20.

Note: Check out these special Resources to help you with this challenge:

3. Help Another Player

Reach out in the spirit of kindness, wisdom, and compassion (re: Challenge #1) to players who:

  • Don’t have teams
  • Have less than 1000 points

Using your particular Superpower, offer to help them out with playing the game, or just give them hope and encouragement. Let us know what happened, and you can receive 350 bonus points and the Helping Hand Badge. You can earn this bonus three times.

Note: Be sure to tell us who you helped, what you said or did, and what happened! Include a picture if you can!

4. Kudos Cards

Download, print, fill out, and give someone a Kudos Card to express your thanks for something they've done that's particularly Vermontivacious.

Make sure to document it! Take a picture of the filled out card or of you giving it to the person you're honoring!

You will receive 200 bonus points and a Kudos Badge. You can earn this bonus five times. 

Note: Kudos cards are great for a neighbor who put up solar panels, someone who rode their bike instead of driving, or someone who agreed to stop idling their car. But they could be for any behavior you deem Kudos-worthy!


Other Ways To Get Bonus Points:

Some you automatically earn with actions like:

  • Making comments
  • Completing challenges
  • Earning badges by completing "Acts", Threads of challenges (and so on)

Some bonus points are bestowed upon you by the Game Masters for:

  • Winning Play of the Week
  • Winning Player of the Week

Some bonus point challenges require you to fill out a form for things like:

  • Submitting an entry for the video contest
  • Attending an event
  • Getting a Letter to the Editor published in your local paper

What's that? You want to know how many points you get for each of these things?  Why don't you try it and find out!


How We Calculate Team Score:

  1. Add up all the points earned by players on the team
  2. Apply any team bonuses earned for completed team challenges
  3. Multiply by the ratio of how the team's pts/player compares to the average
  4. Take the cube root so that the number is smaller grows slower over time.

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