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March 23 - May 2, 2015.  The celebratory Ben&Jerry's ice cream party will happen May 9 on the Statehouse lawn in Montpelier. 


You sign up on the website, create a profile, and join or start a team.

Then, you work your way through three acts of challenges:

  • Act 1 is about getting to know the site, setting up your profile, and creating or joining a team.
  • Act 2 starts as soon as you finish Act 1. You and your team will take on a host of challenges on food, energy, transportation, and team-building. There are also some bonus point challenges, a few events, and a video contest!
  • Act 3 is about setting meaningful goals for each of our main topic areas. 

All the challenges encourage you to take some kind of action, and when you do, you write about it, and often post a photo or video, creating a Moment of Play (MOP). You get points for your MOP, which goes to an overall team tally. At the end of the game, there's a celebratory ice cream party in Montpelier and prizes for many, many players!

Tell Me More About The Challenges

The challenges are issued by our five Game Masters - Jersey Jill, Young Stanley, Scratchy Dave, Madame Phoebe, and Ramblin' Mags. Each of them approach the topics from a different perspective. They're designed to be fun, engaging, educational, and maximize real world impact.

Tell Me About The Game Masters

  • Jersey Jill, Moostress of Play issues challenges about individual action. She's also in charge of the Resources page.
  • Young Stanley, Baaahron of Engagement has challenges about engaging your community. He hosts the Event Calendar.
  • Madame Phoebe, Muse of Possibility has challenges that are about a creative response to the issues. She curates the Gallery of Play.
  • Scratchy Dave, our Captain of Kudos is all about celebration, congratulations, and gratitude. He presides over the Corner of Kudos where we list all our players who've won awards and prizes.
  • Ramblin' Mags from Collies Without Borders is all about team building. She runs the Team Support Center.

How Else Do I Get Points?

  • Liking MOPs
  • Commenting on someone else's MOP
  • Posting a comment on one of the forums
  • Attending a public event and sharing about your experience
  • Winning a Play of the Week or Player of the Week and passing your prize along to someone else.
  • Submitting a video to the video contest.
  • Other things you shall discover...

For The Really Deep Stuff

Check out our Core Operating Principles

Rules, Points, and Various Legalese